Musicians of Aotearoa unite to save our nation’s dolphins.



21 June, 2008

The Music 4 Mauis CD is a lovely, rhythmic, and haunting tribute to the dolphins that reside only on our coastline. Artists include Sola Rosa, Don McGlashan, Minuit, Fur Patrol, The Black Seeds, Ragamuffin Children, Pitch Black, Flip Grater, The Bads, Gasoline Cowboy and Ariana Tikao, whose moving song E Rere, is about farewelling a spirit.

Maui’s dolphins, the world’s smallest and rarest dolphin hug the coast of the North Island. They are a close cousin to South Island Hector’s dolphins, but are genetically different. There are only about 100 left and perhaps only 25 of them are females of breeding age. They are tiny, playful, spirited dolphins and considered to be kaitiaki, guardians and protectors of our soul. One more fishing season could forever erase Maui’s dolphins from our shores. Hector’s dolphins are now a quarter of their original population size.

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Campaign director Gemma McGrath has two passions: music and dolphins. She is the driving force behind Music 4 Mauis, the CD by New Zealand musicians to benefit endangered Maui’s and Hector’s Dolphins. The first Music 4 Mauis CD features artists, gifted by Native Tongue Publishing and will be distributed by Rhythmethod, available in stores nationwide from June 16th.

So many musicians have answered Gemma’s call there will be a second CD release in the near future. It will include artists such as Hollie Smith, Shapeshifter, Cornerstone Roots, Tiki, Ladi 6, Nomad, and many more of the nations finest. Some are working with actual sound samples of Hector’s dolphins and weaving them into their music. You can listen out for these special tracks when they are ready, on the website and upcoming compilations.

Gemma’s seven years as a Kaikoura Whalewatch guide allowed her to see firsthand the sharp decline in Hector’s dolphin sightings. She became concerned enough to earn a degree in Zoology from the University of Otago and is now pursuing a Masters in Science Communication.

All proceeds will benefit the New Zealand Whale and Dolphin Trust, which will continue to raise awareness, fund research, and pursue legislation to protect our endangered dolphins.

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2 Responses to Musicians of Aotearoa unite to save our nation’s dolphins.

  1. J says:

    So, I’m confused, there’s no link to buy the CD?! Where can I buy the CD?!

  2. 100mauis says:

    Arohamai! The CD is available at all good music stores nationwide. Music 4 Mauis is also available online through Amplifier, Marbecks and

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