What to Do?

As there are so few of our precious Maui dolphins left (only 100!), they need all the help they can get.  Hector’s dolphins are down from approximately 30, 000 individuals to just 6,000 today. 

 There are many ways that we can work together to make a difference…..

Please feel free to add your ideas and suggestions of more ways to help as comments below.

Already you can:

Text dolphin to 8080

– This nifty service was kindly set up by the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society from Australia. Quick and easy, it only costs 20 cents to send an important conservation message to Helen Clark on your behalf.

You will recieve a text back saying “Thanks for helping to save the Maui’s and Hectors dolphins. WDCS will pass on your message of support to the Prime Minister.

Sign online petitions at:


Care For the Wild

Don’t use gillnets and eat only dolphin-safe fish

Please do not use a gillnet, and persuade your family and friends not to. These nets are a major risk to Hector’s, Maui’s and other dolphin species in New Zealand waters, as well as seabirds and reef fish.

When buying fish, ask the people in the fish shop how it was caught. If they can’t guarantee that it wasn’t caught in a gillnet, don’t eat it. If you get answers like “don’t know” or “in a net, I think” you could ask the person if there is any fish for sale in their shop that was definitely not caught in a gillnet, or try another shop.

Comment with a few paragraphs about times you have had with dolphins in the Dolphin Kete

We are building a national archive to help rebuild and restore our relationship with our kiatiaki, our dolphin taonga. Hopefully we can publish a treasure for the nation someday.

Order some FREE petition postcards and brochures to give out to others.

Email info@music4mauis.org  or write to us (address below) with your contact details, postal address and an idea of how many you would like J

Donate to Music 4 Mauis

You can donate towards research and conservation work through Music4Mauis and the New Zealand Whale and Dolphin Trust.

For media and press enquiries, and more information about our campaigns or projects please contact us at the following address;



381 Tomahawk Rd

Ocean Grove,

Dunedin 9001

Tel: +64-27 694 3533

email: info@music4mauis.org



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