We reallly appreciate your support 🙂

We could not have made it this far without the generosity of people’s time and passion. The musicians who have donated tracks have greatly helped raise awareness for our dolphins. Thank you SO much! Efforts from many have suceeded in making positive political changes for our oceans. Four major NZ coastal fishing companies have however taken the decision to ban setnetting in dolphin habitat to court. Now more than ever, do the dolphins need our assistance! There are more changes that need to be made, in order for our dolphins to be fully protected in their own environment. Music 4 Mauis is just warming up, we have a massive vision, and it’s growing. We still have a long way to go, and your support is most appreciated. We will turn your generosity into action and positive change, for the love and wellbeing of our oceans and the life within.

Donate to Music 4 Mauis:



   Kiwibank, Music 4 Mauis 38-9006-0118414-00

 Thanks heaps! Your donation will go towards a myriad of methods – dolphin vehicle costs, spraypaint, fuel, festival stall costs, printing, website design…..The more funding we have, the easier we can achieve our goal – prevent extinction of the cutest dolphins in the world – Maui and Hector’s. Mauri ora! 

 You can donate music, money or resources towards research and conservation work through Music4Mauis. All donations great and small count!

·     Send a cheque to Music4Mauis at the address below

·     Make a cash advance to Music4Mauis account  

For donations, media and sponsorship enquiries, and more information about our campaigns or projects please contact us at the following address;



381 Tomahawk Rd

Ocean Grove,

Dunedin 9001


+64-3 454 5715

+64-27 694 3533

 You can also donate directly to the NZ Whale and Dolphin Trust:

The New Zealand Whale and Dolphin Trust is a registered charitable Trust, donations of more than NZ$ 5 are tax deductible (IRD no. 61286969). Music 4 Mauis is underway to becoming a trust of it’s own, currently under the umbrella of the NZWDTrust.

New Zealand Whale and Dolphin Trust
PO Box 56
New Zealand

Tel: +64-3-479 7980
Fax: +64-3-479 8336

Account Details

Bank: Bank of New Zealand (BNZ)
Branch: Dunedin
Account no.: 020912-022903500


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